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"Flow of Life" came to me not long ago when I needed to shift direction in my approach to Life.

 Fluidity in Life is vital!

Movement, Ease, Grace, are a part of who we are as Creative Beings. 

In the Universe change is happening all of the time and we are a part of it. 

Change is to let go of old and allow new to move in and therefore flow is in place.

From the cells in our bodies to all functions within it including mental, emotional and spiritual, there 

is a constant flow of energy that is renewed in order to evolve and embrace a new Consciousness for 

the Highest Good of All!







 "Gratitude" is the name of this Medicine Melody.

I filmed it last year in November after I concluded

my 10 month Therapeutic Sound Training from ISTA

School in Atlanta, GA.

It was dedicated to all of my friends who made this training 

possible and to my Teachers and Sound mates who were amazing

through out the Course. I continue to be in Gratitude for my 

Life, Family and Friends who bring me such Joy! Sending Love

and Peaceful vibrations to everyone!




 Healing Services








 To Schedule a session you can - call me to my cell 586 260 5112 

                                       or send me an email to paveycristina7@gmail.com


To read more about my work you can access to  my two Business pages on Facebook  





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Hearts Openness Connecting to Essence   


This image has always put me in a state of expansion and connectedness! It is my

heart?s desire and inner call to facilitate the remembrance to others who are at the

point of integration with All That Is. This time in the history of humankind is the

most perfect era to find tune again with our hearts and essence.

All cultures on our Planet Earth are connected. The words may seem different but

they all bring in them the wisdom in letting go of fear and make way for

surrendering. Love is the essence of us all and the magic happens when finally we

listen to our hearts! 







 I will come to your home to facilitate a Therapeutic Sound workshop with a group

of friends you will gather! Please contact me to my cell 586 260 5112 or email to 

 paveycristina7@gmail.com for further information.


Sound Healing and Yoga

Explore the subtle energy of your body with Sound Healing during guided yoga postures or relax and meditate while absorbing the therapeutic sounds of Crystal Bowls, native American Flutes and Drums.

 "Healing Touch Center," in Farmington Hills 

 This workshop is presented by 

Cristina and Chuck Pavey and Suzanne Albert.  

Go to Events for more info 



 Sacred Sound Healing and Drumming Circle

last saturday of every month except July and August 

Clinton twp,MI  


We are resuming the Healing Circles from Summer vacation, this month of September on the 29th at 5 pm till 9 pm :-) Potluck!

Hope to see you over! 


if you wish to be in our Healing Circles email  let us know and we will send you a reminder every month! 










 Laraaji Venus Nadabrahmananda


"The spirit of your persona qualifies her as a deep nurturing 

wellness assistant in whichever medium she works..Her gentle 

compassion and grounded presence holds space for wonderful energy 

shift and realignment..."




 'Cristina is a gentle, loving soul, accepting, helping, healing.

 She touches the heart in its deepest places."
Rita Rousseau


 "I met Cristina at a time of great physical crisis.  She is the only reiki 

practitioner that I have ever noticed make a difference in my body.  Her 

use of vocalizations along with intuitive healing hands, open heart, and 

loving disposition, makes her a gifted therapist and a lasting friend."


Dana L Piper

Massage Therapist


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